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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

"Mewassin: The Good Land" is out as an E-Book on Kindle. I hope you have a Kindle reader. It is the first in a series of Historical Novels about two men - one from Scotland during the Highland Clearances when the poor crofters were chased from their homes by the 'lairds of the land to make way for 'big business' - sheep. They were put aboard tall sailing ships bound for the West --- Canada.
The Orkney Islanders were prized for their strength and endurance and were chosen to power the Hudson Bay Company York boats up the 'River Highway' to transport the prized furs back to the East era markets.

Another of Reg's great grandfathers was a young man who stowed away aboard a ship heading for the West and encountered more adventure than he bargained for. He met Father Lacombe and Louis Riel, the Metis in Saint Albert Alberta and struggled to learn how to straddle two cultures while living a life as a new settler.

These are real people in real events that took place in Western Canada at the end of the Fur Trade and the beginning of the settling of the West. I call it Creative Non-Fiction since the characters are real but they are set in fictional form.  "... Adolphe reached up to help the slight female figure down from Pierre's cart ... he was startled by the soft touch on his hand and looked into a slim, fine featured face .. her eyes, hazel with flecks of gold smiled at him and her dark hair fell away from its bonnet restraint.."

You will be fascinated with this piece of our heritage - this creative non-fiction.