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Saturday, March 12, 2016

It's International Womens' Day! Looking back through the books from 'The Gentle Gamblers' to 'The Tender Years' to 'A Full House" to 'I Kept Falling in the Sink' you can see how far we have come as women. From large families of 10, 12, 13 children where the woman worked from morning 'til night just to feed, clothe and care for all these mouths to modern day 1 or 2 children women found a new freedom. We did not just win the vote and the right to call ourselves persons, we won the right to call our time our own -- to express ourselves as writers, as painters, poets, artists.

In The Tender Years Sadie would not have gone anywhere. Who would have invited someone out to dinner with 10 children in tow? There were threats to take her children from her since there were so many the 'powers that be' threatened to take her children away because they thought she could not look after them properly ...and .... one particular character had designs on their strong and capable young sons....

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