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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Hello Grassroots visitors,
Thanks to our wonderful tech-savvy nephew, Skye Lowry, we have a blog set up. I'd like to give you a quick overview of who the writers are on this site. The primary author is Lillian Ross, the former teacher, musician and singer, and aunt to sisters Iris Tuftin and Mavis Lowry. What as inspiration Ross (Lily) has been to family and her home town community of Drayton Valley, Alberta, Canada, as she gathered family memoirs and completed trilogies of works that brought to life the histories of both her and her husband's families. In addition, the story of Cougar's Crossing tells the story of Iris and Mavis' father's family story. All of Ross' books are written as historical novels, where colourful characters come to life and readers become totally engaged and invested.

I, Iris Tuftin (nee Lowry, daughter of Lillian Ross' older sister Gladys MacIntosh), wrote a series of youth western novels in the early 2000s. Also a former teacher, I helped with the editing of Aunt Lily's books.

My sister Mavis Lowry, also a former teacher and educational central office professional, shares her writing talent and personal story in "I Married the Principal."

We look forward to keeping you informed and hearing from you.

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  1. From Mavis Lowry: We are all Alberta farm girls who write about life in that Province. We all became teachers as young women and were teaching in the public school system before we were 20 years old. Life in Alberta back in the 1940s, 1950s, and 1960s was very different than today and my readers find our old adventures, the farm culture without the modern conveniences of running water, electricity, or TV educational as well as fascinating. For us it was simply the way it was and we could never have imagined the changes we would experience in our lifetimes.
    I write about growing up in Sangudo, a village north-west of Edmonton and about teaching in Darwell, another small community west of Edmonton. I write about they way things were for women at a time before birth control, before the feminist revolution and maternity leave. "I Married the Principal- A Memoir of Excuses" is my book. It is full of surprises.
    I am so pleased at the enormous positive response I have had from my readers. I thank them all for their letters and take time to answer their questions. mavislowry43@gmail.com